#8 “Laguna” by SleepyV

Another exclusive track from the prog-pop evangelistic trio-quartet, SleepyV.

Funny story about this song, if you want to hear it, Leave a comment, or post this video somewhere if you like it.

Or you could just post this video anywhere, even if you don’t want to hear the funny story about this exclusive track by the fable-folk indie hipster-ish trio assembly, SleepyV!

Or you could post any of the videos below, or on Bryan Heller’s vimeo account, to any other blog, or social media networking internet website that you frequent.

Its as simple as AB⌘ +C, ⌘ +V (replace ‘⌘’ with ‘Ctrl’ for our Windows users)

Uh yeah. Take Away 8. Get pumped, newer artists await. More to come next week. ENJOY!



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