#10 “Change Option” by IKE.

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)
Equipped with mostly borrowed or newly acquired instruments, from atop a mysterious tower located somewhere in North Oakland, the members of IKE. belt out their song “Change Option” in a ‘new way.’ Setting aside synth for a toy organ, exchanging electric guitars for acoustic, and replacing the bass with djembe, IKE. stray from their typical effected ambient/trance tone, for a more organic and real sound. The results are magic. With more room for the vocals to take the forefront, the harmonies sung by Matt and Hope ring crisp, loud and clear. The words and melodies flow so well when each new hook comes around, they’re bound to be engraved in your brain for the rest of the day. Though the acoustic act was a new experience for the band, we believe IKE. really pulled it together and successfully made a sincere effort to emphasize the power of the lyrics in the song. Pay attention, and you will feel the vibrations.

To get the full experience of the IKE sound, go ahead and click here to download their album from bandcamp.

You can be assured more videos and sounds from IKE. will be coming to you soon!


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