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#8 “Laguna” by SleepyV

Another exclusive track from the prog-pop evangelistic trio-quartet, SleepyV.

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Uh yeah. Take Away 8. Get pumped, newer artists await. More to come next week. ENJOY!



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#5 “Skinny Bones” by Derek Krystek w/ Caitlin Magarity

Here we have for you another example of what TakeAwayTuesdays sets out to accomplish. Collaboration, and experimentation… Spur of the moment improv and capturing magical moments in time. The combination of Caitlin Magarity’s soothing alluring voice, and Derek Krystek’s unsettling tone and lyrics, unveils an eerie tension that hovers in the evening like the atmosphere. The track “Skinny Bones” was written for the duo, but as TakeAways happen, changes unfold, and by the end of the video the song is taken to a new level. Check back soon to hear more from Caitlin Magarity!

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#2 “Sidewalks” by Derek Krystek

Recorded in May of 2011 Derek Krystek performs a deeply sentimental track titled “Sidewalks” from his solo repertoire. The setting was perfect for the song and the video looks beautiful thanks to the experimental camera work done by none other than the Fancy Man himself, Bryan Heller. We hope you enjoy! If you would like to collaborate, or get in contact with Derek, just send an email to

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#1 “Nothing” by Derek Krystek

Here is the first episode of TakeAwayTuesdays.
Recorderd back on a beautiful day in May of 2011, WeThreeKings are proud to present “Nothing” by Derek Krystek, performed in Schenley Park.

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