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#13 “Dick Whitman” by LegsLikeTreeTrunks

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Hello Internet.

Sorry for the absence. Kids got school, Men got Work. Full Time Jobs, Full Time Dreams, Full Time Students, Leaves less time for sleep, and sadly posting on Tuesdays. But to break the silence we have a treat that will remind us all of the beautiful summer we spent making love sounds. Hatt Molden (aka Matt Holden) and Dave Cerminara of the blooming LegsLikeTreeTrunks tribute to Mad Men and make us all wish the weather was still as pleasant as this song is peaceful.

Please, waste no more time download their EP here.


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#9 “Anchorage” by LegsLikeTreeTrunks

Melodic-Math Rockers, Legs Like Tree Trunks are featured this week bringing the world an exclusive not-yet-been-recorded-or-released track, “Anchorage.” These guys pump out some pretty heavy stuff as a 4 piece electric set up, But this video shows Matt and Dave are pretty comfortable translating their music into some very pretty acoustic ditties. Pay attention to the rhythm changes, its what sets these guys apart from just another acoustic duo. The harmonies are gorgeous, the guitar playing is tight, and it sounds amazing.

You can look forward to more videos from Legs Like Tree Trunks in the future, both stripped down and full band.

Remember, if you like the video, post it somewhere. Music is always better when shared!


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