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#17 “I Do” by goodease

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)

Consider this to be a teaser for Matthew Stromberg’s upcoming in-depth musical endeavor, “goodease.” Stromberg pairs a timid approach to his cinematic spoken lyrics with a strong, bitter infliction that leaves us lingering in a dissonant tension soothed only by the soft allure of the accompanying strings. With a little solo help from John Manganaro (of Sleepy V, and Jimmy Johns), the group ties these straying elements together with a severely catchy, 5 man harmony driven refrain begging to be repeated over and over. Much music is in the works for the boys of goodease, this track being only 1 small portion of a much larger picture, set to be revealed in the near future.

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#4 “If Bears Could Kill” by Matthew Stromberg

Matthew Eugene Stromberg has been seen around the Pittsburgh area displaying one of his many talents through a vast array of mediums. From film to funnies, audiences find themselves intrigued by Matthew’s choice of vocabulary. Today we hear what Matt has to say, a new way. Backed by his buddies Gene Vercammen and Derek Krystek, Strombergs voice packs a punch that leaves you bleeding on the floor of Lou’s basement, in blissful agony, begging for another blow.

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