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#11 “the Showdown & Home/ the Vow” by SleepyV feat. Joe Kennedy

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)

If you get to the end of this video, you will have experienced about 1/4 of the upcoming SleepyV release “the Storybook E.P.” Just listen to the flute! That girl has a talented tongue. Speaking of talented tongues, Joe Kennedy of the 1’s and 2’s makes an appearance playing the part of the scheming evil Wolf, residing in this Storyland. Watch the members of SleepyV exit reality, and fall into a trance fueled by the varying tone, mood, tempo changes; and follow along with the lyrics to get a grasp on what “The Storybook” is all about.

Sleepy V will be going on a rampage throughout Pittsburgh over the course of the next 5 weeks, playing shows all across the area. Be sure to check out their facebook or Reverbnation to see all show info.


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#8 “Laguna” by SleepyV

Another exclusive track from the prog-pop evangelistic trio-quartet, SleepyV.

Funny story about this song, if you want to hear it, Leave a comment, or post this video somewhere if you like it.

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Uh yeah. Take Away 8. Get pumped, newer artists await. More to come next week. ENJOY!


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#7 “Out the Window” by SleepyV

This summer the Sleepy boys (and girl) are at it again working on their 2011 release, the “Storybook EP.” Here is “Out the Window,” performed live on the Mall.

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