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#16 “Canine Teeth” by The Harlan Twins

Everyone, we are very excited to present to you, The Harlan Twins. With intent, the group slowly immerses you into a whirlwind of beautifully arranged harmonies, and not long after you have already been drawn in by the yearning, expressive tone of lead vocalist (for this track) James Hart. His scratchy yet soothing emotion layered with the deep echo of the room allows those simple words “My old friend, I should probably just be happy to see you again” to get stuck in your head for all the right reasons… Backed by a double bass, 12 string and 6 string acoustics, mandolin, and a seemingly perfect makeshift percussion setup on an old suitcase, the Harlan Twins’ raw talent is apparent, unique and truthful. But the Harlan Twins aren’t just great musicians, they’re great people as well. Having never met most of the band before, we were somehow so comfortable together collaborating to make this project so pristine within the small time we had to complete the video. The band was well practiced and prepared, the video we chose to use was their first take, capturing the true magic of their capabilities.

Please be on the lookout for more from The Harlan Twins, and stay up to date with them on their Facebook or Myspace.


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