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#6 “Style to Sleep” by The Whiskey Holler

Once again The Whiskey Holler is here to amaze your face. By the raging camp fire, Lukas, Kurt, Ben, and Colin, along with some handy friends, bring to you a rendition of their song “Style to Sleep.” There are a lot of things to be said about pulling off a song like this, but after our last video with The Whiskey Holler, its hard to think of something these guys can’t do. It’s one thing to have this much talent, but its just not fair how good looking they are.


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#3 “Someone Told Me” by The Whiskey Holler

TakeAwayTuesdays is proud to present to you an exclusive track from The Whiskey Holler. “Someone Told Me” was performed in June of 2011 in a basement that kinda reminds us of the woods. Dim lit, stripped down, and whimsically dynamic, Lukas Truckenbrod and his band mates deliver a brand new song with an unique blend of roots and technology.

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