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#13 “Dick Whitman” by LegsLikeTreeTrunks

*Remember, You can watch this video @ http://vimeo.com/28816696 for a higher quality viewing experience.

Hello Internet.

Sorry for the absence. Kids got school, Men got Work. Full Time Jobs, Full Time Dreams, Full Time Students, Leaves less time for sleep, and sadly posting on Tuesdays. But to break the silence we have a treat that will remind us all of the beautiful summer we spent making love sounds. Hatt Molden (aka Matt Holden) and Dave Cerminara of the blooming LegsLikeTreeTrunks tribute to Mad Men and make us all wish the weather was still as pleasant as this song is peaceful.

Please, waste no more time download their EP here.


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#12 “I Don’t Feel A Thing” by Caitlin Magarity

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)
What can we say about Caitlin Magarity?
This girl has got a voice that needs to be heard. Just take 3 minutes out of your day, to be blown away. Cry, Laugh, be dazzled and repost this all over the fucking place.
Also she is multi-talented. Take a look at her photos
Caitlin’s got shows comin’ up in Pittsburgh be sure to keep an eye open for her.

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#11 “the Showdown & Home/ the Vow” by SleepyV feat. Joe Kennedy

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)

If you get to the end of this video, you will have experienced about 1/4 of the upcoming SleepyV release “the Storybook E.P.” Just listen to the flute! That girl has a talented tongue. Speaking of talented tongues, Joe Kennedy of the 1’s and 2’s makes an appearance playing the part of the scheming evil Wolf, residing in this Storyland. Watch the members of SleepyV exit reality, and fall into a trance fueled by the varying tone, mood, tempo changes; and follow along with the lyrics to get a grasp on what “The Storybook” is all about.

Sleepy V will be going on a rampage throughout Pittsburgh over the course of the next 5 weeks, playing shows all across the area. Be sure to check out their facebook or Reverbnation to see all show info.

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#10 “Change Option” by IKE.

(watch on Vimeo for optimal viewing experience)
Equipped with mostly borrowed or newly acquired instruments, from atop a mysterious tower located somewhere in North Oakland, the members of IKE. belt out their song “Change Option” in a ‘new way.’ Setting aside synth for a toy organ, exchanging electric guitars for acoustic, and replacing the bass with djembe, IKE. stray from their typical effected ambient/trance tone, for a more organic and real sound. The results are magic. With more room for the vocals to take the forefront, the harmonies sung by Matt and Hope ring crisp, loud and clear. The words and melodies flow so well when each new hook comes around, they’re bound to be engraved in your brain for the rest of the day. Though the acoustic act was a new experience for the band, we believe IKE. really pulled it together and successfully made a sincere effort to emphasize the power of the lyrics in the song. Pay attention, and you will feel the vibrations.

To get the full experience of the IKE sound, go ahead and click here to download their album from bandcamp.

You can be assured more videos and sounds from IKE. will be coming to you soon!

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#9 “Anchorage” by LegsLikeTreeTrunks

Melodic-Math Rockers, Legs Like Tree Trunks are featured this week bringing the world an exclusive not-yet-been-recorded-or-released track, “Anchorage.” These guys pump out some pretty heavy stuff as a 4 piece electric set up, But this video shows Matt and Dave are pretty comfortable translating their music into some very pretty acoustic ditties. Pay attention to the rhythm changes, its what sets these guys apart from just another acoustic duo. The harmonies are gorgeous, the guitar playing is tight, and it sounds amazing.

You can look forward to more videos from Legs Like Tree Trunks in the future, both stripped down and full band.

Remember, if you like the video, post it somewhere. Music is always better when shared!


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#8 “Laguna” by SleepyV

Another exclusive track from the prog-pop evangelistic trio-quartet, SleepyV.

Funny story about this song, if you want to hear it, Leave a comment, or post this video somewhere if you like it.

Or you could just post this video anywhere, even if you don’t want to hear the funny story about this exclusive track by the fable-folk indie hipster-ish trio assembly, SleepyV!

Or you could post any of the videos below, or on Bryan Heller’s vimeo account, to any other blog, or social media networking internet website that you frequent.

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Uh yeah. Take Away 8. Get pumped, newer artists await. More to come next week. ENJOY!


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#7 “Out the Window” by SleepyV

This summer the Sleepy boys (and girl) are at it again working on their 2011 release, the “Storybook EP.” Here is “Out the Window,” performed live on the Mall.

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